You are the Expert on You

Health information and advice finds itself into our lives many times a day. As we read through our news sources and emails, we are told the best ways to eat, exercise, sleep and think for a healthy lifestyle. But, so many sources contradict each other. So, how are we supposed to know who to listen to when it comes to our health? Who is really the expert to advise us on healthy living?


In my experience, knowing what health practice is right for you begins with thinking about medicine and wellness as a cumulative body of knowledge, instead of a linear body of knowledge. What does that mean? In our western culture, we see medicine as being linear, meaning when a new treatment comes along, it replaces the old treatment, supposedly leaving only the "best" option to treat an illness. My training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a cumulative medicine. What that means is that as the medicine has developed over 3000+ years, new approaches to health have been added to the body of knowledge, giving patients and practitioners more choices to treat an illness. I love the cumulative approach to medicine because this allows each of us to decide what feels good to us and understand works for our lifestyle. No diet, exercise, meditation style is ever outdated. Just because something isn't trendy, doesn't mean it should be skipped over for consideration when trying to find out what works for you. 

The second part to knowing what health practices are right for you is to listen to yourself! You are the expert on what you need and what is healthiest for you. Your body, emotions and mind tell you about what you need to be healthy. Its is really a matter of listening to yourself to find the answers. I encourage people to try different ways of eating, exercising and meditating so that they can find the combination that is right for them. And, that combination is not a static prescription. Our health and wellness practices can change as we change. 

Yes, it is so much easier to read an article or a book and follow the steps for the "best exercise routine," or the "healthiest diet". But, there is no one combination that works for us all and it is our responsibility to try different techniques until we know which ones are a good fit. This also requires some amount of being able to listen to your body, instead of your brain at times- but more on that later. 

A trusted health and wellness practitioner can help guide you to what that combination is. Evolve can help you find those people, that balance and that good fit for you and your personal wellness. No matter who your guide is, be brave, try new things and know that your health and wellness plan is uniquely yours. 



Jennifer Leonard