Your Messiness Is Required

Authenticity sits at the top of my list of values that guide me on a daily basis. Being authentic to who I am, helps me stay on track with living a life that is as healthy as possible. Figuring out what that even means to me has been a journey of trial, error and asking for "do-overs" from people in my life. And, while living this way can be rewarding, it is certainly not easy. In fact, its a straight up pain in the ass at times. 

The hardest part of being authentic (at least for me) is that sometimes I feel like I am far from the well organized and put together person I aim to be. In fact, I can feel like a downright mess, even when I am trying my hardest to get it together. It is so easy to get into a place of shame or self judgement when I feel like this which, as you may guess, only makes me feel worse. 

In exploring what it means to be authentic, I have begun to understand that being what I call, "a mess" is part of being human. Everyone has their "messy" moments or days or even months. In an age of carefully procured social media profiles, its hard to remember that no one is, in fact, perfectly put together at all times. Reaching for the compassion it takes to accept my "messiness" sometimes feels like a insurmountable chore. I try to remember to speak to myself as I would to a friend that was having a tough day. The compassion allows me to be who I am, in the moment, and let that moment pass much more gracefully, than if I tried to wish it away or change it. And messy can be beautiful! It can allow for the freedom for our personal creativity to be expressed in ways that are impossible when we are trying to stay "in the box" of perfection. 

Each person I work with in the Year of Wellness has an authentic self that together, we honor during our program planning. Embracing that unique self, even when it isn't pretty, can help each of us free up energy to put towards making the long term shifts towards a healthier version of you. And, by giving yourself permission to be authentically you, we can so much more easily identify what those goals and steps for change should be. When we are true to who we are we can only get closer to being the healthiest, strongest version of ourselves.  

I'm not saying its easy, Im just saying, you are required to bring your messiness to A Year of Wellness because authenticity is required. If you are ready, so am I. See you soon!



Jennifer Leonard