The courage to change

The Courage to Change - Evolve Personal Wellness

I am trying to wrap my brain around sharing these thoughts, being open about my experience and offering that to the world in hopes that others may connect with what I have to say. If you are reading this, I have apparently been able to at least start to put it out there in drips and drabs.

The act of sharing my impressions and thoughts about work, health, self care, diet, culture and travel is deeply personal. Anyone who knows me, understands that all of these topics come with a soapbox I do not hesitate to step onto on a regular basis. However, I have shied away from sharing these thoughts at large, about really allowing my opinion to show through. Maybe it’s for fear of judgement, or for fear of offending another. Maybe it’s just a real fear of taking a stand that I cannot return from and allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of others. But, the reality is my thoughts, feelings and experience with these topics do not come from any flippant social media scrolling or news room storytelling. It comes from true living and learning- academically, clinically and personally. The culmination of a good handful of years of applying myself to these fields has left me in a place with a vision of where I fit, how I can help and what I want to share. It begins here.

Yes, it is actually pretty frightening. I am working to bring my personal and professional lives as closely aligned as they have ever been. I am aiming to make my life my work and to move away from working to live. That requires an alignment and public authenticity I have been hesitant to move towards. Im taking this step, knowing there is risk and also knowing that I am really excited to share the most honest version of me.       

I will walk alongside those that will participate in this journey of health- focused change. I will work on making the hardest change for me to make- the shift that I have tried to make many times and never been able to sustain. I will work on creating a lasting practice of self care including checking in with myself and listening to what I need with my body and letting my mind take the second seat to that decision. I will risk messing up, letting people down and having exciting successes.  As much as I know, cognitively, that I cannot help others if I don't fill my own cup first, I have struggled to keep this a part of my life and the expense of my body and mind becoming depleted. I know the things to do. I just can't seem to make it a regular thing in my day. I will share the process here, with you.

So, I get it. Making change is easy with the small things but it’s so hard with the large things. I know it takes commitment, support and the ability to adjust as you go. And that's what I want to do for others. I want to use my expert experience with health care, self care and prevention to guide people in making sustainable changes. I want to cheer them on when needed and be a sounding board at the right times. I want to construct a plan for the people I work with that is unique and speaks to their individual needs and goals. I want to bring humor, self compassion and maybe even some fun to exploring this road together. I want to be an honest mirror to the reasons we all use to explain why we can't commit to long term change. And I will ask the same of those who are embarking on this journey- to call me out, to support me, laugh with me and maybe find some community in the challenges that we face when we try to become better versions of ourselves. It’s hard, and we are hardest on ourselves when it comes to the judgement around what we perceive as failure in becoming “healthier”, “stronger” or “better”. So let’s have some fun and get started!

In good health,


Jennifer Leonard