Evolve: A Year of Wellness

Evolve - A Year of Wellness

By now I am sure you are wondering what this program is all about. Here is a little snap shot.

Evolve: A Year of Wellness will be a year long commitment to incorporating new, healthier ways to live. My goal is to work with people who are needing to make changes in their lives to be healthier, and to move those changes into sustainable, life long practices. These types of changes don’t come overnight. A 6 week “boot camp” style program is great to get started but when things get tough, new habits can be particularly hard to maintain. The Evolve: A Year of Wellness program is meant to design that plan with you and see you through the implementation, execution and continuation of the habits that will keep you healthy and strong. By using my experience in education, diet, exercise, Mind-Body techniques, psychology, mindfulness, coaching, western medicine, complementary therapies and energy work, we will find a plan to move you closer to your health goals. In addition, the Evolve: A Year of Wellness program has been created as a way to support you and troubleshoot when things get hard. Reading, audio and video materials are added along the way to keep you learning about your plan, your progress and to keep you connected to the end goal.

The Evolve: A Year of Wellness program is also a way to put you in touch with other practitioners and professionals that will help you along the way. We all need a unique “Wellness Toolbox” which includes skills and other professionals to help us when we need it. I have trusted professionals to bring along on your journey, if it is called for. If I don’t have what you need in my network? I will seek out and vet local professionals for you to work with.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to read details here and always feel free to ask me questions directly via email.

 I hope to see you along the journey ahead!

Jennifer Leonard